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Biological Treatment

Continuous Flow Concept


WWTP Adam Opel AG
WWTP Adam Opel AG

WWTP Muenchwies
WWTP Muenchwies

  • Approved and reliable concept for biological treatment plants (activated sludge)
  • Realisation as combined arrangement (“combi-plant”) or independent placement of aeration tank (outer ring) and final clarifier (inner tank)
  • For the aeration and mixing within the activated sludge basin the following technical solutions are available:
  • Final clarifiers could be designed for gravity collecting (hopper shape) or mechanical scraping (flat bottom) of the sludge
  • Hundreds of references since 1970 (e. g. Gabrovo and Kardzhali (Bulgaria), Pechea and Liesti (Romania), Adam Opel AG (General Motors))


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