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Pre-Treatment of Wastewater

Muncher - Cutting System for Coarse Solids


Muncher type TR for pipe installation
Muncher type TR for pipe installation

Patentierte Zahnwalzen des Muncher-Zerkleinerers
Patented teeth-wheels of the muncher

  • Cutting of coarse solids, which are e.g. parts of hotel waste water. As experience shows, baby diapers, hygiene binding, textiles etc. are here disposed by toilet. These materials would clog the pumps, that is why they must be cut up.
  • The patented teeth-wheels are the heart of each muncher.
  • Several times hardened special steel guarantee long service lives and perfect cutting up effect.
  • Channel installation (e.g. channel model type A) for example in addition with disk rakes possible - for cutting up the screening from the inlet channel.
  • The installation into a pipe system is also possible with the muncher model TR.


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